LDT 7112 – DowntownBoxing Gym

This portfolio item is one that I am particularly proud of, as it involved working with a group to create a live virtual orientation for new mentors at Downtown Boxing Gym, a non-profit organization that provides free academic and athletic programs to students aged 8-18, with continuing mentorship and support through age 25.

Our team decided to create the project around the theme of boxing, to tie in with the organization’s name, and I was responsible for creating the e-learning modules. My focus was on making the modules engaging and interactive, incorporating multimedia elements such as videos, images, and quizzes to keep the learners interested and motivated.

Throughout the project, we worked closely with the client to ensure that the orientation program met their needs and aligned with their mission and values.

Overall, working on this project was a fantastic experience, and I’m proud of the work that our team accomplished. It demonstrated my skills in instructional design, as well as my ability to collaborate with others to achieve a common goal.

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Elearning example 1

DBG Cultural Statement

Zoom Interface Simulation

End Learners Outcomes and Assessments

Content Outline