How to Ride a Bird Scooter

The assignment was to plan and shoot a short 2-3 minute video that teaches a single procedure. The purpose for this video was to place premium on planning and shooting thus editing and special effects were not pemitted. Emphasized on shot sequencing.

The intended learning audiences for this instructional video are college students and commuters who wish to use electric scooter for their daily commute to school and work. After watching this video, learners will be able to learn how to successfully download the application, register, properly operate and end rides.

The Process

Before shooting the video, I planned out the shots by creating a story board. By doing so, I was prepared and knew exactly what shots I needed to take, thus I was able to successfully decrease the overall time in making the video.

The Challenge

One of the biggest issues I had while filming was the audio. The microphone I used was not working properly so my audio was distorted and was incapable of reducing background noise from outdoor shots.

Another issue I came across was that although I planned out the shot, I didn’t write a proper script for the actor and because of this he wasn’t prepared so we had to retake several shots.

Software Used

  • Final Cut Pro
  • Adobe Premiere