Endangered Animal Rescue

Game Prototype

This was a group project where we were tasked to create a working prototype of a learning game for children.


The target audience for our game is 4-6 year-olds. This is the time children are in pre-school/kindergarten and begin to learn and expand on concepts such as: letter recognition, spelling, colors, shapes, math and animals. We felt this was a good age group to focus on, as children this age are constantly learning and enjoy playing games to gain knowledge.



Learning Outcomes

  • Players will develop knowledge in the following subjects: letters, shapes, colors, math, and animals.
  • Players will interact with the game to solve problems that will release the endangered animals trapped in each level.
  • Players will develop their cognitive and logical skills.

Game Rules

  • Complete each level with 100% accuracy
  • Player has 3 attempts for each question. If not answered correctly in 3 tries, a new random question appears with 3 more attempts.
  • Completion of levels free the endangered animals.
  • Players will receive perks when completing levels. A random perk will be given for each level completed (another attempt, hints, and slowing the speed).

Level Development

  • 1.1 Players will learn, practice, and demonstrate letter recognition.
  • 1.2 Players will learn, practice, and demonstrate vowel recognition.
  • 1.3 Players will learn, practice, and demonstrate letter placement.
  • 1.4 Players will learn, practice, and demonstrate word recognition.
  • 1.5 Players will learn, practice, and demonstrate spelling skills.

Design Rationale

Our design rationale was to keep the game simple for children to be able to maneuver while they learn and expand on basic concepts. Children shouldn’t be focused on figuring out the mechanics of the game, the game play is more important to learn concepts. We chose to do animations as it is more children friendly and cartoon-like. Due to each level being specific to each endangered animal, the background changes in correspondence to the animal the player is trying to free. We also incorporated a text-to-speech option allowing players to have the questions read aloud to them.

My Role

  • -Prototype
  • -Design
  • -Development
  • -Content